Applications for 2023

The application period for Sabina Strings runs from March 1 – April 15 2023.

From March 1, you can download the application forms below.

Residential options Cost
Shared room \ tuition \ 12 meals Wed dinner - Sun lunch
Single room \ tuition \ 12 meals Wed dinner - Sun lunch
For those staying off-campus, Sabina Center day fee \ tuition \ 12 meals

With an anticipated group size of 48 campers, the coaches will be Cathy Allen (cello and Body Mapping), Marion Crombie, (viola and Alexander Technique), Burke Schuchmann (cello), Tammie Dyer (violin) Marcia Sloane, (cello), Abigail Summers (cello).

If the number of applications exceeds our maximum of 48, we will make decisions by lottery, with confirmation of your place going out at the end of April.

Please call Cathy Allen on 510 528 5195 or email from the contact page on this website if you would like further information about the camp

Background playing experience of Navarro River string campers is varied. Participants are preferably working with their own teacher and have been playing for at least a year. Some started later in life and have no previous musical experience; others played as kids and are returning after a long break. Some play in chamber groups regularly throughout the year and others do not. Preference is given to applicants who work with a private teacher and maintain a regular practice schedule. Camp has from its beginnings been primarily directed towards beginning and intermediate players, and has evolved to contain a wide spectrum of skill levels. Our wish is for a cross-fertilization of inspiration and support across all levels.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all your Zoom sessions this year, but yesterday's was the best yet and really enlightening for me, as I have been really struggling with double-stopping.